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Quick, efficient packing is our specialty at Pin to Pin Moving. Our expert packing services are affordable and customizable, so call us for an estimate today.

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Packing up your own home or office for a big move can be a huge time vacuum. Happily, we can help you put your time to better use and save you a backache in the process.

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We’re Specialists In Packing

Packing up your own home or office for a big move can be a huge time vacuum. Happily, we can help you put your time to better use and save you a backache in the process.

Instead of going it alone, let the professionals with the best packing reviews pack up your things. Pin to Pin Moving has a well-deserved reputation for packing your belongings quickly and efficiently. Why waste your time and your energy packing, when our affordable experts are ready to help? Pin to Pin’s professional packers are experienced in all areas of packing. Do you have oddly shaped, bulky furniture? No problem. Are you concerned about moving your fragile ceramics collection? Whatever you have, we can handle it all, safely and securely.

Professional Packing Saves Your Move

Our professional packing service doesn’t just relieve you of the hassle and time involved in packing. It better ensures that your things arrive at their endpoint without any damage. That’s because expert movers know best how to wrap, pack, cushion and secure your possessions.

Pin to Pin’s movers are all skilled packing experts in their own right. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in safeguarding your things during a move. They also have insurance to cover some or all of your replacement costs if something is broken. You don’t have that safeguard if you pack your belongings yourself. You also don’t get that protection when friends and family help you with your packing and moving.

You Choose the Packing Service

We offer a full menu of packing services so you can pick and choose what fits your own situation. We can pack everything in your house. We can pack just one room such as your kitchen or garage. You can also just have us pack up certain items like prized collections. This same level of choice is available for unpacking too. We can unpack all of your belongings in your new space so you can handle other things. You can also have us unpack just a limited number of items. It’s all customizable to fit your needs and your budget.

Professional Packers Can Save You Money

Most people assume it’s expensive to hire professionals to pack their possessions. To the contrary, professional packing services are actually very cost-effective.

If you’re packing up your house yourself, Industry experts advise you to start six weeks in advance. That’s six weeks of tripping over boxes and thinking about your stuff. That’s six weeks of packing and unpacking until you get it just right. In contrast, we can usually get your home packed up in just a few hours.

Reputable moving companies also carry insurance to protect all or some of the value of your belongings. So, even on the rare occasion that an item is damaged in transit, you’re compensated for that damage. You don’t get that assurance and protection when you’re packing and moving your own things.

Do you want to save a few additional dollars while taking advantage of our packing services? There are several things you can do before our packers arrive to make packing day speed by.

De-clutter and straighten up your home or office.

Clearly mark items that aren’t meant to be packed.

Remove light bulbs and shades from your lamps.

Disassemble bed frames.

Unplug electronics and secure cords.

Remove flat screen televisions from wall mounts.

There Are No Hidden Packing Costs

Once we know what level of packing service you need, we’ll give you an accurate estimate for the entire move. The cost for packing will be included in the total moving cost. There are no hidden fees, no surprise expenses and no tricky add-ons. We take pride in working openly and honestly, and those ethics are evident in our estimate process.

Everything You Need to Pack Yourself

If you want to pack some of your things yourself, we can help. Our movers are always happy to give you tips for packing properly. More importantly, we have all of the supplies to help you pack efficiently. For extra convenience, we’ll deliver these supplies to you so you can start before we arrive. Some of the supplies we offer include:

Boxes of nearly every size

Wardrobe boxes

Packing tape

Box fillers

Plastic wrap

Bubble wrap

Custom crates

Moving labels

Cell kits

Dish packs

Finding Reputable Packing Services is Easy

Thousands of consumers and businesses are moving into the Denver-area each year. Sadly, there are many moving scammers taking advantage of these consumers. Protect yourself from scammers by using these tips to find a reputable mover like Pin to Pin:

Talk to friends, neighbors and family members about the local movers they have used.

Check comments on Denver’s residential packing page on Yelp and other crowd-sourcing review sites.

Search online for the phrase, “affordable commercial packing near me.” Then follow-up by verifying each company’s licensing on Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission website.

Professional Packing Takes a Weight Off Your Shoulders

A move requires so much attention to detail, frustration and stress. Why not eliminate a good portion of that stress by having professionals pack your things? Our personal packing and commercial packing services are perfect for moves big and small.



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We pride ourselves on our proven track record for safety and accuracy. Even so, you may want to insure your valuables before you move. We can refer you to reputable insurers who provide extra protection for your move.


You can tell a lot about a company based on its customers’ reviews. We’re proud to have served many very satisfied customers.


We listen closely to your needs and map out a plan for your move to suit those requirements. We then prepare a written estimate for you so you can review the costs.