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Relocating a business is full of challenges, from minimizing downtime to moving equipment safely. Pin to Pin Moving Company’s professional relocation experts help you navigate these risks. We have years of experience in professional relocation and a wide range of services. Our collaborations with our clients have resulted in dozens of successful moves. We’re proud so many of our clients give us glowing commercial mover reviews.

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It’s All in the Customized Planning

In spite of many potential pitfalls, business relocations can be seamless with the right plan. We understand that every business relocation has its own individual needs. Manufacturing equipment, files, computers, desks and a host of other items must be considered. Whether you have two employees or 2,000, your relocation plan can make or break your move.

To begin developing this plan, our relocation expert will meet with your company’s representative. Together, we’ll perform a walk-through of your facility. We’ll discuss timing, equipment needs and packing and crating services. Keep in mind that some equipment has special handling requirements. Often, IT systems and leased office equipment must be moved by the vendor to preserve contracts. When we meet with you, we’ll need to know what equipment will be moved by your company’s vendors.

In some cases, you and your team may want to develop your relocation plan yourselves. Our experienced relocation advisors can provide you with guidance in this effort too.

Selecting Relocation Services to Suit Your Business

At Pin to Pin Moving Company, we understand that your company is unique. We provide an extensive range of services to address your every need. In addition to our comprehensive planning and move coordination services, we also deliver supplies. Some businesses prefer to have employees pack up their own workstations. If that’s your preference, we can provide document boxes, commercial moving labels and protective wrap. We also offer helpful tips and training so your employees’ packing is efficient.

If you are relocating a light manufacturing operation, Pin to Pin Moving can move most equipment. We’ll take care to prepare it properly for transport, and we’ll move it safely. For manufacturing equipment that is specialized, we can coordinate with and assist your specialists.

Our extensive services are especially useful for offices. We tear down and reassemble modular office furniture. We pack files. We move desks, chairs, chair pads and desktop computers. We provide discreet, confidential packing for executive offices. We safely pack and move artwork, live plants and special collections. We pack up break rooms, kitchens, conference rooms and front lobbies. We’ll also unpack it all and set it up in your new business space.

We offer a number of inventory relocation services as well. We methodically crate your inventory for the safest transport possible. Custom crates, pallets and a variety of other inventory relocation supplies are part of our service. Whatever your needs, we’ll customize our services to fit.

Economical Relocation Services With Value

The next steps are simple. With the walk-through and relocation services finalized, we provide you with a price estimate. Commercial movers’ costs vary widely, and we strive to provide you with the most value for your relocation.

We understand that time is money in your world. We work tirelessly to stay on schedule so your employees and customers don’t experience any downtime. We meticulously prepare your office items for transport, ensuring they arrive safely and undamaged. We unpack boxes and reassemble furniture to your specifications so everyone’s back at work pronto. At Pin to Pin Moving, delivering value means we protect your equipment, your products and your staff.

In addition to this focus on impeccable service, we price our services competitively. You’ll find that we keep your relocation costs as low as possible. We stand by our price estimates, and you’ll never be surprised by hidden costs. When you query “affordable commercial movers near me,” online, you’ll find we are competitive.

Services for Long-Distance Relocations

Not every business relocation is local to the Denver area. If you’re moving your company to another city, another state or outside the country, we can help. No move is too short or too long for our specialized relocation services.

Flexible Storage Options for Extra Value

With our storage solutions, you can take your time getting settled into your new space. Both short-term and long-term storage is available. Short-term storage works nicely for items your business will need in a few weeks but not right away. Long-term solutions are perfect for documents and archival items you don’t need every day. We offer competitive storage fees and convenient delivery when you’re ready for your items.

Our Reputation for Excellence

At Pin to Pin Moving Company, we’re proud of our track record of moving businesses efficiently. There are so many details involved in relocating a business. We’re honored to take some of the burden off your shoulders so you can enjoy a seamless transition.

Pin to Pin Moving is a top Denver commercial moving company. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide moving consultations. We’re also pleased to offer references from our highly satisfied customers. You can also check out our customers’ reviews online on the commercial movers’ Denver Yelp page.



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We pride ourselves on our proven track record for safety and accuracy. Even so, you may want to insure your valuables before you move. We can refer you to reputable insurers who provide extra protection for your move.


You can tell a lot about a company based on its customers’ reviews. We’re proud to have served many very satisfied customers.


We listen closely to your needs and map out a plan for your move to suit those requirements. We then prepare a written estimate for you so you can review the costs.