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Eight Unexpected Times in Your Life That Are Improved by Local Moving and Storage Companies

If you need help with a move, it’s common sense to call in a professional Denver mover. There are plenty of other times, though, when a local moving company really comes in handy. Sometimes these life events are expected, sometimes they take you completely by surprise. Whether the occurrence is planned or not, thinking outside the box can help. If there are professional services that help ease your burden, use them. Here are just a few life events improved by local moving and storage companies:

Moving Kids Out of Their College Apartments
Moving your kids in and out of several college-area apartments can become a drag. College apartments present several challenges. First, some college-area apartment buildings operate on 10-month leases. This is convenient financially, but creates practical issues. What do you do with the furniture and household items during the other two months? IT also forces you to move kids in and out of apartments throughout their college careers. Getting time off work to coordinate each move is a hassle, especially if the college is far away. That’s not to mention all of the other details that go along with frequent apartment moves.

A local moving and storage company can make your life so much easier in these situations. They can pack your college student’s things, store them for the summer and move them in the fall. This frees up your time and energy and gives you a head start on enjoying your summer.

Making a Remodel Less Stressful
Remodeling your home is a great way to improve its value and give you a space to be proud of. Preparing for the remodel and living through the process can be a major life stressor though. The preparations alone can be exhausting, starting with finding a home for the displaced furniture. Calling in a moving and storage company can help, whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or family room. The mover can pack up your items so you’re ready when the contractor arrives. The mover can also safely store your things for the duration of the remodel. This lets you keep the rest of your rooms uncluttered and saves you hours of prep work.

Emergency Help After A Natural Disaster
When a flood, fire or hail storm damages your home, you have countless details to handle. The same holds true when you’re dealing with mold in the home or major roof damage. The list of calls to insurance adjusters and restoration companies can seem endless. Then, there’s the issue of what to do with your undamaged items while your home is exposed. You can lighten your stress by getting help from an experienced mover. The mover can pack up your undamaged items in the affected rooms and store them. This allows contractors and insurance adjusters to move more freely about the damaged space. It also keeps your intact belongings safe and secure while your home is repaired.

Easing a Business Closure
Making the decision to close a business is never easy. It’s especially difficult if the closure is sudden or caused by a lost lease. In many cases, managers don’t have time to flesh out all the closure details before vacating the space. Moving and storage services offer much-needed space and time for these companies. Businesses can have movers pack away and store business inventory and office equipment. Then, business managers can make their decisions about what to do with the items at a later time.

Simplifying Elder and Health Care Moves
Long surgical recoveries, rehab stints and long-term care assignments complicate housing situations. If the transfer to long-term care is permanent, you’ll need to start planning a move. Waiting for family members to weigh in on the details lengthens the delay. In the interim, you can have a mover pack up everything and store it. The same is true if a loved-one has to go to through a lengthy rehab. If they’re renting, it doesn’t make sense to pay rent on an unoccupied space. Instead, have a mover pack up and store your loved one’s furnishings. Once rehab is complete, your loved one can have their belongings moved to a new home.

Helping Out During a Foreclosure
Being forced to move out of your home is never easy. Emotions are high. Finances are often tight. Time is short. Enlisting movers to pack your things and store them eases part of the situation. Knowing that your belongings are safely tucked away gives you time to sort out your housing options. If you keep some furnishings in storage long-term, it also frees you up to choose a smaller home.

Giving You Options After A Death in the Family
A death in the family forces you to deal with numerous details when it’s tough to think clearly. Funeral, financial and travel arrangements and umpteen other decisions need to be made. With the loved one’s items packed and stored professionally, you take one major issue off your shoulders. You’ll have time to grieve with your family and handle financial details. Once you’ve had time to process everything, you can take on distributing your loved one’s belongings.

Turning Your Home Into a Vacation Spot
The Denver-area is a wildly popular tourist destination. As a local, you’ve probably been tempted to join one of the leading online vacation home sites. To participate, though, you may have to de-clutter and freshen your home. Extra furniture, treasured collections and personal files all need a safe hideaway. Using a moving and storage service takes care of the heavy lifting and storing for you. You’ll have peace of mind that your things are safe for the months your home is a vacation home.

posted 16.07.2016