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Packing and Moving Tips from the Denver Mover Experts

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Moving Tips

  • After you select a mover, read your rights and responsibilities brochure.
  • Give yourself as much time as possible to plan the move.
  • Consider whether you need additional moving insurance.
  • Clear the clutter in your home so you don’t pack and move things you don’t need.
  • Check out schools, banks, doctors, dentists, veterinarians and utilities in your new neighborhood.
  • Cancel or transfer utilities, newspapers, gardening services, etc.
  • Complete post office change of address forms.
  • Change your address for all online accounts.
  • Order bank checks with new address, just in case some vendors take only checks.
  • Change your address with the state motor vehicles department.
  • Complete school transfer paperwork; get a copy of your kids’ school records.
  • Take your kids by the new house and neighborhood before moving day.
  • Properly dispose of household hazardous waste such as paint and pesticides.
  • If your company is paying for the move, be sure to keep your receipts in one spot.
  • Gather all of your existing appliance manuals and warranties for the new homeowner.
  • Transfer roof warranty to new homeowners.
  • If you’re currently renting, clean your rental thoroughly. Document your home or apartment’s condition with photos or video.
  • Secure important documents such as wills, birth certificates and social security cards, and transport them yourself, or use shipping you can track and insure.

Packing Tips

  • Make a master list that includes : - important phone numbers - numbered boxes - box contents - each box’s room destination
  • Record boxes on the master list as they’re packed.
  • Be methodical, packing each room as you go. Don’t get sidetracked in other rooms.
  • Use the right size box for the job.
  • Use the right kind of box for the job.
  • Heavy items go in the bottom of the box.
  • Use small boxes for heavy items like books.
  • Fill in empty spaces in boxes to avoid shifting during transport.
  • Tape the box closed and label it.
  • Wrap breakable items well.
  • Use special crates for art, antiques and large collections.
  • Do not pack flammable, hazardous or explosive materials to be transported by your movers.
  • Do not pack guns in your regular boxes. Consult state and federal laws for legally transporting your guns to your new home.
  • Make a special container for medications your family will need during the move.
  • Thoroughly clean appliances before you move them.
  • Wrap furniture that will be moved, including regular televisions.
  • Use special wooden crates for plasma TVs. Transport them upright.